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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201714 cañonazos visuales de Discos FuentesMesa Romero, Santiago; Valencia Isaza, Ana María
2014-04-031er. encuentro de redes académicas e investigativas en América latina, el Caribe y Europa .Restrepo, Lamicé Mira; Correa Alves, Alcione; Ancona López, André Porto
20123D Reconstruction methodology of leg with femoral diaphysis fracture using digital image processing [Metodología de reconstrucción 3D de pierna con fractura de diáfisis femoral empleando el procesamiento digital de imágenes]Paniagua Alvarez J.S.; Cardona-Mancilla C.; Sanchez-Rios C.A.; Arbelaez Toro J.J.; Moncada Acevedo M.E.; Hincapie-Zuluaga D.
2013A channel selection method for EEG classification based on exponentially damped sinusoidal model and stochastic relevance analysisDuque L.M.; Guerrero-Mosquera C.; Castellanos-Dominguez G.
2017A comparative study of multiscale representations for spatialspectral classification of hyperspectral imagery [Estudio comparativo de representaciones multiescala para clasificación de imágenes hiperespectrales]Torres-Madronero M.C.
2015A comparison of class-balance strategies for SVM in the problem of protein function predictionMercado-Díaz L.R.; Navarro-García J.; Jaramillo-Garzón J.A.
2013A comparison of multi-label techniques based on problem transformation for protein functional predictionGiraldo-Forero A.F.; Jaramillo-Garzon J.A.; Castellanos-Dominguez C.G.
2018A comparison of pixel and object-based change detection techniques using Landsat-8 multispectral imagery from Barrancabermeja cityAreiza-Laverde H.J.; Torres-Madronero M.C.
2019A cross-border, long haul freight transportation problem with transhipmentsIsaac Pemberthy J.R.; Muriel-Villegas J.E.; Correa-Espinal A.A.
2018A dynamical model of an aeration plant for wastewater treatment using a phenomenological based semi-physical modeling methodologyZuluaga-Bedoya C.; Ruiz-Botero M.; Ospina-Alarcón M.; Garcia-Tirado J.
2019A fast, robust, and simple Lagrangian–Eulerian solver for balance laws and applicationsAbreu E.; Pérez J.
2019A Framework for the Parallelization of Optical Communication Algorithms on SoC-FPGA Using HLSMarquez-Viloria D.; Guerrero-Gonzalez N.; Alzate-Anzola C.
2013A heterodox perspective on the history of drugs. Inclusion-exclusion dynamics of the Ravetllat-Pla anti-tuberculosis serum in the first third of the 20th century [Una perspectiva heterodoxa de la historia de los medicamentos. Dinámicas de inclusión-exclusión de los sueros antituberculosos Ravetllat-Pla en la España del primer tercio del siglo XX]Lugo-Márquez S.
2017A lexicographic approach to the robust resource-constrained project scheduling problemPalacio J.D.; Larrea O.L.
2018A low cost digital voltmeter with temperature-measuring and data loggingAponte-Roa D.A.; Benitez-Montalvan L.; Henao-Bravo E.E.
2016A low cost georeferenced air-pollution measurement system used as early warning toolMarquez-Viloria D.; Botero-Valencia J.S.; Villegas-Ceballos J.
2017A low-cost platform based on a robotic arm for parameters estimation of Inertial Measurement UnitsBotero-Valencia J.; Marquez-Viloria D.; Castano-Londono L.; Morantes-Guzmán L.
2015A markov random field and active contour image segmentation model for animal spots patternsGómez A.; Díez G.; Giraldo J.; Salazar A.; Daza J.M.
2016A Markov random field image segmentation model for lizard spotsGómez-Villa A.; Díez-Valencia G.; Salazar-Jimenez A.E.
2017A method for automatic surface inspection using a model-based 3D descriptorMadrigal C.A.; Branch J.W.; Restrepo A.; Mery D.